Mary Meinhard has more than 20 years of experience as a California attorney, with successful resolution of numerous personal injury cases.

She has completed 42 hours of Mediation Training offered by the Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and is a member of the court approved panel of mediators for Inyo and Mono County Superior Courts.

As a Nurse Attorney, Certified Life Care Planner and Certified Medicare Set-Aside Consultant, she possesses the ability to recognize, understand, and effectively explain the medical/legal issues, costs, and damages with regard to competing Life Care Plans, which are often utilized as part of the settlement process.

Ms. Meinhard is adept at keeping the lines of communication open between the parities, with the goal of exploring alternatives to reach a mutually acceptable compromise and resolution of your case.

She is willing and flexible to conduct hearings in a manner, time, and location acceptable to the parties involved. She is an attentive listener who is personable, easy to talk to, straightforward, patient, and dedicated to helping the parties reach closure, including aggressive follow-up after the hearing whenever necessary.

Mediation in Orange County, California
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Mediation in California

Why choose mediation versus litigation?

Control of time and expense

One day with a good mediator is a small commitment when compared to months and years spent in litigation. With Ms. Meinhard’s professional and knowledgeable guidance, you won’t spend needless, expensive time in the courtroom.

Control of the process

The choice of a mediator, the length of the process, and the level of confidentiality is determined by the parties. Litigants are held hostage to court schedules and rules with regard to the discovery process, evidentiary constraints, hearing and trial dates, etc.

Control of the outcome

The parties decide whether or not to reach an agreement and to resolve the case – your fate is in YOUR hands.


In the shortest possible time, with the least expense, and a minimum of stress on the participants.

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